Hi, we're Jodi & Darryl,

We're entrepreneurs supporting good humans doing good work

Darryl and I have two teens  (and one angel in heaven).  We met while working in retail management jobs  and now live in Chilliwack, BC Canada where we love the summer months, we manage the cold and wet winter months by enjoying movies with our children. Our company, The Trust Method is filled with established coaches and consultants and we believe that anyone with an incredible method should be getting it into more hands.


That’s why we created the Client Success Roadmap Program where anyone with a unique offering can create a thriving coaching business. Each entrepreur can ensure they are bringing in the right fits into their program getting them greater transformation with their methods, so they can grow their revenue, in a personalized and authentic way. 


Darryl has  worked in the customer service and logistics space for over 20 years managing projects, systems, and staff. He’s learned the importance of asking the right questions to find the right balance of service and systems to grow.

Jodi is passionate about connecting people to what you do, and how you serve, and what you communicate – not only in just words.  I care deeply to connect your skills to the experience that your clients have with you.

Ways we can help you

We’d like nothing more than to connect some dots for you, or point you in the right direction whether you work with us or not. 

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Book an Audit

When you book an audit, you’re investing in knowledge of what is going to move the needle in your program. It will show you what is missing, where the missing opportunities are for longterm revenue, where  clients can further connect with your methods. 

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Join our Program

Our monthly program starting at

($197 /month) gives you The Roadmap to ensure you are bringing in the right clients, it will ensure your clients are receiving your methods, which turns them into referring, returning, and happy clients. 

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1:1 guidance

Get our undivided attention  to increase your sales and impact. Whether you want to increase your referrals, increase your clients results, it is always our goal to offer you a coaching package that meets your short term and longterm goals. 

We know you're NOT trying to grow your program like all the other programs out there

You truly want your work to impact people's lives and you’re after real transformation for your clients to receive your secret sauce.

So, can we ask you an important question?

How well do you really understand the impact of your methods to grow your coaching program?

And are you not using what could help you grow?

Most coaches doing transformative work are not leveraging who they are, and what makes them unique to not only to attract the right fits in their client acquisition process, but the work that gets done inside their programs and offers. 

Maybe you've asked yourself questions like these before...


In our Podcast, Retention & Referrals Made Simple, we discuss building authentic client retention and referrals.