Next step, how would you like to experience the challenge?

We have designed two ways to go through this challenge, which is your participation style?

Choose Path A or Path B

Path A - An Absorber

You like to observe and absorb any new material. Find out more about the Absorber 'Path A' path for the Challenge.


Path B - A Processor

You like to discuss and process any new material. Find out more about the Absorber 'Path B' path for the Challenge.

Path A
You're an Absorber

- You like to internalize any new concept first until you understand it.

- You often find it harder to ask spontaneous questions, as you are still processing.

- When you see other people verbally process, it helps make it real for you.

If you want to fully observe and internally reflect on what we cover in the challenge (or if you have limited time to participate) then choosing Challenge Path A - Observe & Absorb might be right for you and that is just fine. However, consider challenging yourself to attend as a participant of our Challenge Path B - Interactive Experience if you find that hearing other people verbally process helps you better understand an idea.

Challenge "Path A" Details

Path B
You're a Processor

- Learning for you is sharing your ideas and listening & learning from others.

- You like to seek specific clarity about how something applies to your specific circumstance.

- You thrive and process in deeper learning and collaborative environments.

If you would like to collaborate as an active observer or you benefit from a space to verbally process with other like-minded entrepreneurs, then choosing Challenge Path B - Interactive Experience might be an excellent choice for you. If you want to share and ask questions like "how would I do that?”, "but in my business I do this...", then most definitely consider joining Challenge Path B - Interactive Experience to work through those thoughts.

Challenge "Path B" Details