Someone has intentionally shared this link with you...

Would you like referrals to come in easier?

(without all the awkwardness or sleezyness)

This (awesome) person knows the impact your work makes and wants to see your business grow through the power of referrals & partnerships.

Here’s the thing about referrals that isn't always as easy to navigate

Because let's face it...

Some months it’s crickets for referrals, and others it’s booming! But you don't necessarily know why...

You know you do a great job for your clients, and you would like them and others speaking up about their experience on your behalf...

You know you need to say something to spark referrals, but you're not sure what that could be that wouldn't leave you feeling awkward, or worse...

You're not sure how to get started and fear it will just be one more thing for you to do in an already busy schedule...

Maybe you haven’t given referrals too much thought before, but you’ve become curious to know if an approach like this could help you find more clients.

Growing your business with referrals isn't the only way, but it’s our favourite way to create more impact at the same time filling your calendar with more perfect fit clients.

Would you like Referrals to feel easier and more natural?

They totally can be, in just 3 steps...


Start with our Workshop

We'll show you our simple method so that you can get more natural repeat referrals. Get immediate access to the Referrals on Repeat workshop for $37.


Do the thing

Using our simple method, start connecting with your referrers in a new and different way, allowing you to create a reliable and repeatable system that feels authentic.


Referrals come easily

Now that you have a new simple referral system in place you can go from a loose collection of referrals to consistently more referrals, and more clients.

If you’re a coach or entrepreneur that creates an amazing impact, but you'd like to make more of an impact on filling your calendar with perfect fit clients

… then we invite you to take Referrals On Repeat.

It’s so easy to get started…

& we’ll be there the whole step of the way…

In your corner,

Jodi & Darryl

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